Podcast statistics: graphs and evolution

In WebiCaster we needed podcast data for a couple of features we are developing, and we have found an open and free database (podcastindex.org) with which we have been able to do much more than we thought at the beginning.

PodcastIndex has a database of more than 4 million podcasts, and with this data we have been able to generate graphs, obtain very interesting information and some conclusions that you can read in summary on this page.

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What languages are the podcasts recorded in?

This statistic is a comparison of the main languages in which podcasts are made around the world.

We can see that of all the podcasts in the world, approximately 50% are in English and 20% in Spanish. The rest of the languages also have a decent amount of podcasts, but there is no denying that there are 2 languages that stand out above the rest.

At WebiCaster we are targeting just those two languages. So we are targeting that 70% of the global market. A market that seems to be growing.

What are the most used podcast hosts?

According to the data we have obtained from PodcastIndex, the three podcaster hostings that stand out the most are:

  • anchor.fm
  • spreaker.com
  • ivoox.com

Above all, anchor.fm, which is the most used hosting, has to be taken into account. Probably because of its ease of use for beginner podcasters.

If we calculate what languages the podcasts they host are in, we can see that Ivoox is third in number of podcasts, but basically only has Spanish-speaking podcasts. They are in third position with almost no relevance in other languages!

The evolution of podcasting

It seems that it is true that 2020 was the year of podcasting.

According to PodcastIndex data statistics, we can see an exponential growth since the last 10 years. Each passing year many new podcasts are created. Many new podcasters are joining the podcasting craze.

It should be noted that the year 2021 is not yet over and that is why there are not as many new podcasts as in the past year 2020.

Comparing languages, we are surprised by the growth of Portuguese and Spanish in 2020.

Podcasters drop out too early

Not all statistics are good. According to what we can see from the data, most podcasters only record less than 5 episodes.

It seems that many people join the trend, but then they are not consistent and drop out before they are successful.

If you have a podcast with more than 200 episodes published, then you are part of that nearly 1.5% of podcasters who are consistent.

And if your case is that you don't know what to talk about in your episodes, you are just starting and you don't want to give up with less than 5 episodes … a very easy way to create content is to do interviews. At WebiCaster we can help you find guests.

Want other graphs?

Ask us on Twitter which ones you want to see, and we'll see if we can make them with the data we have.