New graphs and errors

We have created new statistical graphs using the same data as last week. This is thanks to people who have given us new ideas about what graphs to create and what things you are interested in knowing. You can give us new ideas by contacting us from the form or directly on Twitter.

We also noticed that the languages are not stored in a very "standard" way in the PodcastIndex database (the source of our data). This caused that the statistic we showed you last week about 20% of podcasts being in English or Spanish is not a real statistic.

The main problem came from the fact that for example in English we not only have the language "en", but we have "en-en", "en_en", "en-US", "en_UK", "English", "eng" … and several others. And similar things happen in the rest of the languages.

We have fixed it to take into account these casuistics, and now the statistics we show are more realistic.

We leave below the new graph of the % of podcast languages with the correct data:

And a couple of interesting new graphs related to languages:

Remember that we also have the "Statistics" page, where you can see all the graphs together and updated monthly.