How to find sponsors for your podcast

At WebiCaster we have set ourselves the goal of making podcast sponsorships as easy as possible.

How do we want to do it?

We are currently matching interesting guests with podcasts in the same industry/niche and looking for people to interview.

In the same way that we have a list of podcasts and a list of guests, we have just launched a new feature: a list of companies that want to advertise and sponsor podcasts!

This way podcasters can directly contact companies willing to pay to advertise in very specific niches.

Or if companies don't want to wait passively to be contacted then they can actively contact podcasters who are interested in monetizing their work.

Is it free?

Yes, for most users (both companies and podcasters). You can see our rates on the pricing page.

We can offer it for free because we only put the two people in contact.

We do not charge any kind of commission for the sponsorship. There is also no contract with us as representatives, nor do we manage the advertising campaigns for you.

Is it a service for all types of sponsors?

Honestly, NO.

There are companies and podcasters who prefer not to "waste time" answering contacts and negotiating. They prefer to have a representative to manage their advertising campaigns and act as a filter. This is totally respectable and understandable, especially when you have a large volume of requests.

But the truth is that there are many others who prefer to manage it themselves.

It may be a small company that wants to have a close contact with the podcaster, and prefers to manage 2-3 sponsorships itself and thus save money by not having to pay commissions to an intermediary.

It can be a podcaster who makes few sponsorships, for example 2 or 3 recurring throughout the year. And that hardly involves any work to manage those few annual or monthly invoices.

We know that it is not a service that is needed for large companies that want to advertise in dozens of podcasts, but honestly, we believe it is a very good option for small businesses and small podcasters who stand out in their niche / sector.

How do I sign up?

Simply register for free at WebiCaster.

Once registered you can register your podcast profile or your sponsorship offer.

With this done, you can actively contact to make collaborations quickly, or you can wait for someone else to contact you directly.


We hope you all like this new feature. Any suggestions for improvement can be sent using our contact form.