Advertise on Podcasts

Reach new customers in your niche. Appear in podcasts on the same topic as your services and/or products.

* We do not charge commission, you can use us for free and reach an agreement with the podcaster.
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No commissions

We do not charge any commission. You can use WebiCaster for free to find podcasters of your interest.

Find podcasters

Find podcasts that talk about topics that interest you. Take advantage of the large audience and relevance they have in their niche.

Sponsor podcast

Reach an agreement with the podcaster. Price, type of mention, recurrence of the sponsorship, etc. WebiCaster does not set limits, it only puts you in contact.

The best way to sponsor podcasts

Ease and simplicity

Podcasters and sponsors can create their profile. The profiles appear in the listings and allow them to find you easily and quickly using the multiple filters.

No obligations or exclusivity

We do not ask for any kind of exclusivity. You can be an advertiser from other platforms. You can continue sponsoring a podcast without depending on us. WebiCaster only cares about putting you in contact and that you are the ones who reach some kind of sponsorship agreement.

Low costs

As we do not charge commission, this means that podcasters will receive more money and advertising campaigns will be cheaper for you. We also allow you to use part of our services completely free of charge. This is ideal for small companies that want to start doing sporadic sponsorships, with a lot of control and low budget.

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Facts & Questions

¿Have a question? Check out our frequently asked questions. If you can't find an answer, email our support team. We're here to help.

No, we do not manage advertising campaigns. We make it easy for companies that want to advertise on podcasts to contact podcasters interested in receiving sponsorships. We just put you in contact. Reaching an agreement, signing a contract or paying for the services are some of the things you have to discuss directly with the podcaster.

No, we do not offer any kind of graphs or statistics of your campaigns. The podcasting industry is a very fragmented industry when it comes to statistics. It is very difficult, if not almost impossible, to provide real data on how many people have listened to the ads. The estimated data is only available to the podcaster, and it is fragmented across the various platforms where the podcasts are listened to.

It is almost impossible to know the real conversion that the ad generates. Keep in mind that the traffic that may come to your website is considered "direct traffic", since people open the browser and type the url or search for your name in Google. We recommend that whenever possible a discount/affiliate code should be given to the podcaster. This is the simplest way to see how much of your audience is using the podcaster's discount on your website.

Do what your competitors don't do

Podcasts are booming

This is a sector in which there has not been a massive entry of advertisers.

More and more people are listening to podcasts and it's a cheap way to reach thousands of people in your niche.

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